NYPC, formerly the elongated New Young Pony Club, have re-emerged with a new album, scheduled for release in October.

As well as shortening their name, the group have also cut down their personnel too – condensing from a fivepiece to the duo of frontwoman Tahita Bulmer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Spence.

NYPC will follow up their former band’s 2010 effort The Optimist with a self-titled LP released on 7 October. This will be preceded by single ‘Hard Knocks’ during August.

“It feels like a new band in one way,” says Spence of the seeming rebirth. “But Ty and I had been writing for at least a year or more before anyone else had ever entered the frame – the majority of ‘Fantastic Playroom’ had already been written and recorded with just us. So it feels like we’ve just come back to the honest position where we’ve started.”

You can stream/download ‘Hard Knocks’ right now over at the band’s official website or Soundcloud page.