It's a swooning '80s pop-rock hit with sugary hooks and summer-sun guitars akin to Bruce Springsteen fed through a dreamwave pedalboard. It's deliciously peppy and uplifting, with vocal melodies charming you at every turn: "You're the sweetest thunder/I can't get enough of you."

The track comes hot on the heels of Kleerup's recent collaboration with Susanne Sundfor, and is taken from his upcoming mini-album, As If We Never Won, due out 13 October.

Listen to the collaboration below.


1. Sad Boys
2. Let Me In featuring Susanne Sundfør
3. To Die For featuring Jenny Wilson
4. Rock U featuring Malin Dahlstrom (Niki & The Dove)
5. As If We Never Won featuring Maja Ivarsson (The Sounds)
6. Thank God For Sending Demons

As If We Never Won is out 13 October on Warner. A second mini-album is due for early 2015.