Following on from the huge success of the David Bowie Is retrospective in the V&A Museum earlier this year, another new David Bowie-themed exhibition is about to launch in London next week.

The exhibition in question consists of never-seen-before photos from photographer and close friend, Richard Young, with the collection up for public viewing at the artist’s Richard Young Gallery on Holland Street in Kensington.

Young first met Bowie back in 1964, but it wasn’t until 1976 that he began shooting Bowie in a professional role. In the photographer’s words himself:

“In 1964 when I was sixteen, I used to hang out in the Bataclan Club in Princes Street near Oxford Circus it was a very cool place to hang out in the day. It was there I met a guy called Geoff, we became friends through our love of music and French girls. Very often on Sunday afternoons a group of us would make our way to Geoff’s place in South London where we would listen to soul music till the early hours. Occasionally a guy called David Jones would come over and hang out. Little was I to know who David would become! Sadly as it was overforty years ago and we were all in a psychedelic haze, I don’t remember much else of what went on. I recently chatted with David about the old days and he couldn’t remember much either! Geoff MacCormack went on to become David’s back up singer and it wasn’t until 1974 that I became a photographer.”


The exhibition, simply named David Bowie, runs from 12 July right through to 25 October.

[via Gigwise]