A cryptic accompanying statement reads:

Our best choices are killing us.
All brokenness comes from separation.
We're destroying the world, and we're still miserable.
Fat, sick, stupid and anxious are no ways to live.
These systems are failing.
Let them fail.
Change or die.

Moby launched the project last October with “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes”, which appears on the LP. Moby's also already revealed "Don't Leave Me".

These Systems Are Failing is out 14 October. This new release from Moby will follow 2013's Innocents.

The dance icon has kindly shared a lot of teasers to whet our appetites - there's a chunky trailer below, a "manifesto" after, plus new single "Are You Lost In The World Like Me?" beneath that. The LP's tracklist is at the bottom of the page.

Album Trailer


"Are You Lost In This World Like Me?"


  1. hey! hey!
  2. break. doubt
  3. I wait for you
  4. don’t leave me
  5. erupt & matter
  6. are you lost in the world like me?
  7. a simple love
  8. the light is clear in my eyes
  9. and it hurts