Every year the festival has a particular focus, and this time around it's Denmark and its diverse Danish acts who get the opportunity to showcase their myriad talents.

Music Export Denmark has been asking some artists to put together some of their festival highlights, and we're lucky enough to have the excellent selecting five fellow Danes she thinks you should be looking out for.

1. Iceage

"I've been a fan of Iceage for many years and my affection for their uncompromising, expressive punk rock music is exactly as intact as back in 2011 when I saw them perform for the first time in a warehouse in Roskilde. 'How Many' is one of my favorite tracks from their 2014 album Plowing Into The Field Of Love. I pretty much love everything about this band so there's not much else to say but to go check them out."

2. Ellis May

"It's very rare that I stumble upon a new voice so unique and soul piercing as Ellis May's. It makes me so fucking happy every time it happens because it inspires me so much and makes me excited for the future of music. Besides Ellis May’s incredible vocals and songwriting, I also very much adore her visual universe. I wish I was going to Eurosonic because then I would definitely check her out (and probably try and get a front row spot)."

3. Vera

"I think Vera is going to play a part in the future of pop. His music is accessible and pleasing for the ear canal but still different, personal and cool. It's clever and creative pop music and I appreciate that a great deal! This song 'In And Out Of Love' is a total bop."

4. School Of X

"Full power love to my buddy and favorite drummer in the world. I love his music - it's beautiful, fresh, powerful and I think the songwriting is very strong. His live shows make you drift away and forget about time and place, and I just LOVE when live shows does that to you."


"I love GOSS' soulful voice and I think his productions are smart and exciting. I love 'Soo Bad' - it's a pop song that is no bullshit and I love that. I saw him live in VEGA 2 months ago and his live show had a great atmosphere and a genuine raw energy."

Eurosonic Festival takes place between 17-20 January.