"Contingencia" is the first new outing from Mint Field since April's "Natural", which will also feature on their new LP.

Speaking about the new single, the band says, ""Contingencia" is one of the most energetic tracks from our upcoming album. A track about those times when we feel like we don't have any other choice or way of doing things, and that sometimes we need to see the light that is in front of us. I really love this part that said "No puedes vivir ciega de lo que puedes ver" ("You can't live blind to what you can see")."

Sentimiento Mundial will follow on from Mint Field's 2018 debut LP Pasar de las Luces.

The band recorded their second album at London's Wilton Way Studios with producer Syd Kemp.


  1. Cuida Tus Pasos
  2. Natural
  3. Delcadeza
  4. Contingencia
  5. Aterrizar
  6. Le Hable a La Ola Del Mar
  7. Sentimiento Mundial
  8. Nuestro Sentido
  9. Nadie Te Esta Persiguiendo
  10. No Te Caigas
  11. Presente
"Contingencia" is out now. Mint Field's Sentimiento Mundial album arrives 25 September via Felte Records, and is available to pre-order now.