(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, Oasis' second album, turns 25 on 2 October, and on Saturday (5 September), Noel Gallagher asked fans to submit clips of them asking questions about the album for an upcoming project.

A fan sent Liam Gallagher a screenshot of Noel's request, asking if he was involved. Liam Gallagher responded, "I’ve not been asked ignition the fucking cowboys will just want the potato which is fine by me coz I’ll answer your questions on a daily basis don’t need to make a big sing and dance about it Dya get me JO."

Yesterday (6 September), Liam added on Twitter, "It’s funny how the gobtit doesn’t wanna know bout the greatest band ever slags it of all year round as he’s moved on but soon as there’s a few quid to be made he’s all fucking ears best thing since sautéed tofu LFUKING x"

Paul Arthurs, aka Bonehead, responded to many of Liam's tweet writing, "I’m still with you", leading Liam Gallagher to write, "Me n bonehead sat on interviews for Supersonic did press all good loved it not 1 fucking penny did me and rasta B get from it arsed not in for the money but some shit shoveler got paid so nxt time you cats wanna know anything bout the lads tweet me LG x"

Last week, Big Brother Recordings announced the 25th anniversary reissue of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, which is due for release on 2 October and can be pre-ordered now.