Earlier this month Glastonbury revealed that Killdren had been dropped from the 2019 lineup, with Shangri-La writing, "We in no way condone violence and will not allow this matter to overshadow the incredibly inclusive spirit of Glastonbury, and as a result we have taken the decision to withdraw the booking of this band."

Now the band have shared an alternative version of the track, titled "Tickle Tory Chums (Before They Tickle You)".

A statement also arrives alongside the video, which reads, "Bruce Manhood, manager of #Killdren, was deeply regretful that last week’s media shit-storm brought his clients such negative PR - following Glastonbury’s decision to drop the band from their otherwise peaceful line-up because of ‘violent’ lyrics. Bruce’s top-drawer management and business acumen meant Killdren now had instructions to remedy the dire situation via the medium of song.

"Manhood instructed his artists to come up with a less violent version of the song, to try and redeem their now-tainted name; and so the two-bit rave punk band are releasing a further satirical song to counterbalance their original satirical work 'Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You)' that caused all the hoo-haa. We thus present to you: 'Bruce Manhood presents: Killdren presents "Tickle Tory Chums (Before They Tickle You)'.

"Before the unveiling of this new revision, of what was already a two-year-old video travesty resurrected from the annals of the YouTubes, Killdren have also succumbed to suggestions from their more right-of-centre fans from the Interwebs – who helpfully suggested some alternative versions that could offend and potentially alienate a whole new fanbase. On this point – never let it be said that Killdren don’t want to be offensive to absolutely everyone – regardless of race, colour or creed. It’s just that the busy throng of Tunbridge Wells, and oodles of trust-fund cash-money, keeps the band extremely busy – and basically some people deserve getting more shit, okay?"

Killdren's "Tickle Tory Chums (Before They Tickle You)" song is out now.