This morning Kelly Lee Owens cancelled her 2021 European tour, and shared a statement explaining the "several reasons" behind the decision.

Lee Owens wrote, "I am cancelling for several reasons, let me candid as to why. The main reason is of course the ongoing pandemic. That plus the anxiety of dealing with individual countries in a post-brexit touring world and the extra fees etc that come with that. Both of these things combined have thrown up a huge amount of anxiety for me. I don't cancel things lightly, but I have to look after myself."

"This past year has been disappointing for me, as it means everything to play to you guys and to never have played Inner Song even once yet, is super painful," the statement continued. "I'll be playing headline shows in Europe and Scandinavia when it's more feasible and secure for me personally."

Despite cancelling the European tour, Lee Owens reassured fans that her UK tour is still going ahead.

Kelly Lee Owens' Inner Song album was released in August last year.