Futuristically retro R&B singer Kelis has revealed details of her upcoming album produced by TV on the Radio man Dave Sitek.

The record will come in the form of the supposedly (but rather woefully) titled FOOD LP, released via Sitek’s his label Federal Prism. That’ll drop in September, with the first cut revealed to be ‘Jerk Ribs’, formerly called ‘Call on Me’.

The track’s production features disco horns paired with a come-hither bass line and afro-pop percussion. “The rhythm’s exciting,” purrs the smoky-voiced singer before adding, “it feels just like it should.” But it’s her voice that draws the listener into a medusa’s gaze-like hypnosis. The song appears to be about losing yourself to the music. With a track this great, it’s difficult not to be under Kelis’s spell.

You can stream ‘Jerk Ribs’ below, and download it over at Pitchfork.