It's called Break The Stimulation and was detailed in an interview with Ye by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt for Pret-A-Reporter.

"I've got this new concept that I've been diggin' into," Kanye explains. "I'm writing a philosophy book right now called Break The Simulation. And I've got this philosophy - or let's say it's just a concept because sometimes philosophy sounds too heavy-handed. I've got a concept about photographs, and I'm on the fence about photographs - about human beings being obsessed with photographs - because it takes you out of the now and transports you into the past or transports you into the future. It can be used to document, but a lot of times it overtakes [people]. People dwell too much in the memories. People always wanna hear the history of something, which is important, but I think it there's too much of an importance put on history."

We'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that this parody Twitter account has already used the best pun on this topic. Renyé Westcartes? Nah we're beat.

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