The Gravity EP is released tomorrow as a limited edition matcha chocolate bar made in collaboration with Icelandic artisanal chocolate company Omnom. The tracks on the EP are previously unreleased and the flavour of chocolate was designed especially for the collaboration with Ákadóttir.

“Both chocolate and tea are things that feel ceremonial, contain history and culture and lift your spirits, affect your mood and being—similar to music,” says Ákadóttir. “I’m so excited to be making this product—a merging of sound, taste, texture and visual art.”

The album’s title track, Ákadóttir tells us, is about a tragedy: “Always wanting what you can’t have…about longing and loneliness, being lost in your thoughts, being stuck in them, rocking between stillness and motion. It’s quiet and it’s simple but sore and tender.”

The track’s video is a collaboration with Iceland-raised/Stockholm/London-based director and photographer Magnus Andersen who previously directed clips for one of Ákadóttir’s other bands Pascal Pinon as well as Icelandic band Vök. “I can’t tell you much about the video,” Ákadóttir tells us, “it’s a dream, a tea ceremony, a story of obsession and repetition.”

“It was a leap to make something like this, collaborating with Magnus was wonderful and I like his vision and openness towards merging it with mine. We had a dialogue the weather, she’s stubborn! Everyone who participated had to sway and perform under pressure and did so gracefully.”

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