"My Work" is the second single to be lifted from JFDR's sophomore LP, after last month's "Taking A Part Of Me".

Speaking about "My Work", JFDR, aka Jófríður Ákadóttir, says, ""My Work" marks a somewhat transitional moment, where I was pushing myself to my limits, travelling constantly, running away from my home, from my demons. I had been working on these chords for a little bit, I was smoking a cigarette in my friend Aaron’s loft in Brooklyn, I had spent a few weeks there and it was getting colder. I remember a very beautiful loneliness; I was excited to be there, but it was all foreign to me. And I was looking out the window and thinking about death, the cigarette triggered this I guess, but I had also been thinking about naivety and innocence and glorifying something I was (or thought I was) before I experienced sadness and loneliness in the adult way."

She adds, "I was thinking about my mother, how a mother can only be as happy as her saddest child, and I felt sorry, I felt how that was sadder than me being sad. The song reminds me of those moments I was living at the loft, in all weathers, on the stairway looking at the city in the distance, on the roof , in Aaron’s room, in my room, in the evening or night time, smoking, existing, wondering what I was doing there, processing this magical yet heart wrenching lack of belonging, was it what I wanted?"

JFDR's New Dreams album will follow on from 2017's Brazil. She adds of the new album, "This record is more thought out. The person who’s singing is more honest, not as ‘coated’ or ‘poetic’ as on Brazil. It’s less eloquent, perhaps, but more what’s happening for me right now. The meaning isn’t always revealed to me until afterwards."

The new album is co-produced by Ákadóttir and Josh Wilkinson, with mixing from Paul Corley (Sigur Rós, Yves Tumour, Tim Hecker).


  1. Care for You
  2. Taking a Part of Me
  3. Think Too Fast
  4. My Work
  5. Gravity
  6. Juno
  7. Dive In
  8. Falls (No Wonder)
  9. Shimmer
  10. I Wish I’d See The Way You See Me
  11. Drifter
"My Work" is out now. JFDR's New Dreams album lands on 13 March 2020 via White Sun Recording, and is available to pre-order now. She plays London's St. Pancras Old Church on 30 January 2020. Find out more.