"Menneskekollektivet" is the opening song and title-track from Lost Girls' debut album, and marks the first time Hval and Volden have worked in the studio together, despite having collaborated for over a decade.

Hval says of the title-track, "The song started out with some synth chords Håvard played. I felt they sounded like the beginning of the world, or a world, so I wanted to improvise words to them that somehow expressed a beginning of a world. They don’t make sense like a written lyric should, but they are trying to make sense of something, a moment, a slow transition. On this track, the voice, and the music too, slowly makes its way from alone to together."

Menneskekollektivet features five tracks, and was created throughout March 2020 at Norway’s Øra Studios.

Lost Girls' debut album title translates as "human collective" in English.


  1. Menneskekollektivet
  2. Losing Something
  3. Carried by Invisible Bodies
  4. Love, Lovers
  5. Real Life
"Menneskekollektivet" is out now. Lost Girls' Menneskekollektivet album will arrive digitally on 26 March and physically on 23 April via Smalltown Supersound, and is available to pre-order now.