Following Tweedy's cover of the Ted Lasso theme song last month, the Wilco musician has returned with two new solo songs as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club.

"C'mon America" and "UR-60 Unsent" feature on the latest Sub Pop Singles Club 7", and according to the Sub Pop site "C'mon America" is from "an unreleased group of songs with mostly sci-fi lyrics", while the second track is "a pitiful tale of an unsent lovesick mixtape, taken from a separate batch of unreleased songs with mostly pitiful lyrics."

In August Tweedy launched his own Starship Casual Substack newsletter, which will see Tweedy post a variety of stories, songs, pictures, voice messages, advice and more.

Jeff Tweedy's "C'mon America" and "UR-60 Unsent" tracks are out now.