Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is set to release the first book following his new role as Editor-At-Large of publishers Faber & Faber with an author recommended to him by fellow Sheffield musician Richard Hawley.

Singing from the Floor by JP Bean has been described as “an oral history of British folk clubs” and will be released in April 2014, with Jarvis saying that it “portrays an important movement in vernacular culture in the voices of the people who made it happen”.

Hawley, who tipped Jarvis off about the book after meeting the writer in a pub, said of it: “This book is about music, music made from life, it’s also a work of love. If you love music you’ll love this book. Life is better with music and far far better with love. This book is for the brave lovers of it ALL”.

Cocker had previously released his lyrics collection Mother, Brother, Lover on Faber.