Icona Pop have revealed in interview that their debut album will be released in the UK later this summer.

Out in their native Sweden, among a few other countries, the electro-pop duo recently told Popjustice that the release will also feature a handful of new tracks.

“A lot of people have only heard ‘I Love It’,” Caroline told the website. “So I think it will definitely be an album where people get under our skin a little bit more. It’s going to be a very honest album, where it’s basically Aino and me around the world figuring a lot of stuff out. I mean we’ve been doing this for four years now. And it’s been a journey and you’re definitely gonna hear that on the album.”

Aino added: “We’re gonna take some old songs with us because we want people to hear that we’ve been through a journey when it comes to the music.”

“There’s a charm to heartbreaking songs and that’s what you’ll hear more of on the next album”.

Icona Pop play London’s Electrowerkz this evening (20 March).