Earlier this month, Honne returned with their first new single in two years, "no song without you".

Today (25 June) they're back with details of their new mixtape, which includes the same title as their most recent single.

HONNE wrote the mixtape between LA and their studio in Hackney, East London. They say, "t’s ok for things to sound a bit rough, rather than going into the studio and compressing guitars over and over. The more character that you leave in it, the more the listener can dive in."


  1. dear P
  2. no song without you
  3. free love
  4. iloveyoumorethanicansay
  5. by my side
  6. la la la that’s how it goes
  7. one way to tokyo
  8. can’t bear to be without you
  9. loving you is so easy
  10. s o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g
  11. lines on our faces
  12. gone gone gone
  13. our love will never die
  14. smile more smile more smile more
HONNE's no song without you mixtape lands 3 July via Tatemae Recordings / Atlantic Records.