Speaking about the record, Grumbling Fur's Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan say: “Songs are about including the process in the finished piece and spontaneous ideas are laid down, and a structure starts to emerge from this source. First thought best thought is our motto.”

The record is the result of three years of writing and recording, with a press release explaining that it's "filtered through epic fantasy and sci-fi, Carlos Castenada, shamanic, mind warp, house ghosts and meditation..."

Grumbling Fur are joined by This Heat’s Charles Bullen and Isobel Sollenberger from Bardo Pond during parts of Furfour.

Furfour is out 16 September via Thrill Jockey.

Stream "Acid Ali Khan" below.


1. Strange the Friends
2. Acid Ali Khan
3. Heavy Days
4. Molten Familiar
5. Milky Light
6. Pyewacket's Palace
7. Perfect Reader
8. Silent Plans/Black Egg
9. Golden Simon
10. Sapien Sapiens
11. Come Down and Watch Them
12. Suneaters