While the endless stream of end-of-year lists pour in, Grimes’ Claire Boucher has decided to offer something slightly different: a list of all her personal favourites from all-time.

The list, posted to the avant-pop musician’s blog, is expectedly eclectic, varying from Taylor Swift to Kanye West, Animal Collective to Enya. Katy B, Elliott Smith, Burial and Joanna Newsom also get mentions.

Check out the entire thing below. Grimes has hinted that she may add more when she can think of them.

“lauryn hill killing me softly

butthole surfers pepper

chris isaak wicked game

beyonce single ladies

prince when doves cry

manson beautiful people

burial archangel

rihanna only girl in the world or we found love (or take care/ whats my name)

outkast b.o.b… hey ya// ms jackson

tool aenema

mariah we belong 2gthr ./// fantasy

taylor swift i knew u were trouble //

alicia keys if i aint got u

patsy -c razy

majical cloudz i do sing for u

lana del rey ride

mia bucky odne gone

enya???? bodicea or however u spell

+ dummy in its entirety

all of swan lake

dolly – jolene!!!

elliot smith between the bars

missy pass that dutch

joanna newsom cosmia

skrillex devils den

mazzy star fade into you

katy b louder

themselves grass skirt and fruit hat

kanye lost in the world

all of ghost in the shell soundtrack

azelea 212

animal collective in the flowers

nickis verse on monster

nin march of the pigs? closer? haha i wrote march of the pugs at first by accident and erased it but i like the idea of march of the pugs

paramore – thats what u get

flow child – less of it, more of having”


[via Pigeons and Planes]