Back in March Emily Eavis revealed on socials that organisers of Glastonbury Festival had applied for a licence "for a concert at the farm in September (around the time we'd usually do Pilton Party)"

Just a few days ahead of their Live At Worthy Farm livestream event this weekend, Glastonbury organisers have been granted a licence to hold a live event with an audience in 2021, but it comes with a list of 50 conditions.

Those conditons include only allowing performances to take place on the Pyramid Stage, as well as capping the capacity at 49,999 (including staff, traders, performers and crew), with no camping allowed.

Glastonbury's 2021 event - if it goes ahead - can't happen within 30 days around Pilton Party, and is only allowed to take place over two consecutive days.

Councillor Sam Phripp, chair of licensing at the Mendip District Council, wrote on Twitter, "We hope that, Covid-depending, this event will be a success, and we look forward to welcoming music lovers back to our corner of Somerset this autumn."

Phripp added, "With a view to Covid-19, of course, any event would have to be Covid-safe, and Mendip Council will work with other organisations and the organisers to make sure that’s the case."

Live At Worthy Farm takes place this Saturday (22 May) from 7pm BST. Visit for tickets.