"Babies" is unveiled at the same time as the re-release of Margaret's debut album.

Speaking about the new single, Margaret says, "Partly why I wrote ["Babies"] was because someone was always having something to say about what I should be doing with my life in regards to [my] biological clock... It's hard enough to get paid less than men do and to ask ourselves these questions as we try to navigate through life."

Yesterday (23 May), Margaret revealed she was no longer continuing with her European tour with Novo Amor. In the post on Instagram, Margaret wrote, "I'm sad that it has come to this but I have to sit out these last few shows of tour. I've been sick (again) and without a voice which is incredibly frustrating and terrible timing."

"Babies" is out now. There's Always Glimmer is also out now via Dalliance Recordings. Gia Margaret will play End Of The Road Festival on 1 September. Find out more.