Last night (7 December) Swedish artist Anna Von Hausswolff was due to play a show in a church in Nantes, but a group of fundamentalist Catholics demonstrating outside the venue, calling the music "satanist", prevented the musician from playing.

As Le Monde reports, the first deputy mayor of Nantes tweeted, "A handful of intolerant radicals causes the cancellation of a concert in ND du Bon-Port scheduled in agreement with the bishopric. Nothing authorized the expression of such censorship. This is not our conception of a social project based on dialogue and cultural openness."

The sold-out show was scheduled to begin at 9pm local time, and Ouest-France shared a video of the demonstrators outside the venue, shouting, "Saint Mary mother of God, pray for us poor sinners."

Eli Commins, the director of the Lieu unique - who organised the concert - told Ouest-France, "It has already performed in about forty churches or cathedrals and there has never been a problem. There is no religious inspiration, no violence! It just plays the organ, and the organs are found in churches. It's post-metal influenced music. There weren't even any lyrics in the planned performance."

Anna von Hausswolff is yet to speak about the incident.