Lead singer Hrafnkell Kaktus proved that the role of the frontman is as important now as ever as he erratically jolted and bent his body in an Ian Curtis-like fashion, spitting and howling the words as he completely immersed himself in the moment with an impressively sustained energy. 

The rest of the band assisted in thundering through a tremendous set of brooding, unapologetic intensity that cut right through the eardrums, with songs such as upcoming single “Circus Life” digging right to the depths and creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of a spectacle. It was strange, dark, discomforting and mesmerising in equal measure.

With a signature sound that sits somewhere between the dark wave of Bauhaus and something that has been brought up from the very depths of a deep swamp, this was not a set for the faint hearted, but rather for people who demand more from their guitar rock. 


Northern Gannet
In The Light
Circus Life
Will We Last

  • Photo by Sebastian Dehesdin from Iceland Airwaves