The work of Bria, Duncan, Lucas, and Edan "God Hates A Coward" is the first taste of FRIGS' new EP and is the perfect indicator of the gutteral 90s spirit residing in Bria's visceral vocals and the bands languid, swirling grunge guitars.

The video's Director said:

"Through the exploration of dominant binaries, we will remember to, as Elizabeth Meyer says, ‘be skeptical of discourses that assign a gender affiliation to the landscape—implicitly or explicitly. The implicit affiliations are manifest as “female”—the “other” who is seen but not heard.’ "God Hates A Coward" explores feminist geography from a spatial standpoint, expanding the relationship between landscape and architecture, a spherical way of approaching a discourse that has become rooted in deconstruction rather than reconstruction."

FRIGS are touring the UK this month.

14 - Club Mofo, London
15 - The Lock Tavern, London
17 - Headrow House, Leeds
18 - Clwb lfor Bach, Cardiff
19 - Green Door Store (Canada House Showcase - The Great Escape), Brighton
19 - Latest Music Bar (Artrocker Showcase - The Great Escape), Brighton
22 - Hug + Pint, Glasgow

Slush Tracklist
"God Hates A Coward"