Apple announced her follow up to 2012's The Idler Wheel... last month, and its title is inspired by a Gillian Anderson quote from British TV series The Fall.

Last night (31 March), Apple's close friend Zelda Hallman passed on a video message from Apple on Twitter. She wrote, "They are telling her she should release the album in October." In the clip, Apple says, "Should I release it? Soon? Like, really soon? I think i'm gonna."

Fetch the Bolt Cutters was composed and recorded at Apple's home, and she also took control of production duties for the LP. It's described as "raw", and will focus on drums, chants, and bells.

Apple is yet to reveal the full tracklist for her first album in eight years, but the tracks confirmed in the article include "Newspaper", "On I Go", "The Drumset Is Gone", "Rack of His", "Kick Me Under the Table", "Ladies", "For Her", "Fetch the Bolt Cutters", "Shameka", "Heavy Balloon", and "I Want You to Love Me". Actor and model Cara Delevingne contributes guest vocals on the album title-track

Fiona Apple is yet to announce a release date for Fetch the Bolt Cutters.