Their debut single merges baroque influences with folk to create an uplifting duet complete with twangy, southern style guitars.

While You Tell Me's "Clarion Call" is the duo's debut single, the pair are already looking to release their debut album, which revolves around communication and miscommunication, in early 2019.

Speaking about the track, Hayes explains, "This song started life while on a train journey, which is referenced in the opening lines. It’s mostly about the idea of waiting: to feel ready to spring into action, to be free of fear and anxiety…and then realising it’s often good to push on in spite of these things".

Delicately delivered like birdsong, "Clarion Call" is out now via Memphis Industries. A limited 7" with B-side "Incantation No. 1" arrives on 14 September. All sleeves for the 7" are unique and part of a bigger artwork designed by Peter Brewis. Find out more.