Following the release of the second series of Sex Education last week on Netflix, Ezra Furman has announced an official release for the soundtracks to both series.

The announcement arrives with the first track "Every Feeling".

Furman says of the soundtracks, "Making music for a TV show was a new experience for me. As a fan of many a high school comedy, for example The Breakfast Club and 10 Things I Hate About You, I knew how fun the music can be, and also how emotional. I wanted to rise to the challenge."

She adds, "I decided I’d use the Sex Education project as a place to put my tenderness, my sadness and longing. The soft teenage feelings that every adult knows continue long after high school ends."


  1. I’m Coming Clean
  2. Love You So Bad
  3. Every Feeling
  4. Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde
  5. Care
  6. Restless Year
  7. Early Rain
  8. La Madrugada
  9. I Can Change
  10. Amateur
  11. My Zero
  12. The Good Book
  13. Body Was Made
  14. If Only The Wind
  15. Can I Sleep In Your Brain
  16. Devil Or Angel
  17. At The Bottom Of The Ocean
  18. Splash Of Light
  19. The Queen Of Hearts
"Every Feeling" is out now. Ezra Furman's Sex Education soundtrack arrives via Bella Union this Friday (24 January), and is available to pre-order now.