In a new article, Doyle discusses recent record The Dream Derealised, saying "it was meant as a cathartic measure... but also as a way of externalising a subject that many find difficult to talk about or express."

"While the music doesn't directly deal with my experience of the issues endemic in the wider industry, it has acted as springboard for me to talk about them further," Doyle adds.

2016 has seen a raft of artists openly deal with mental health issues, including high-profile names such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Zayn Malik.

Discussing the actions that the industry needs to take to help artists, Doyle writes that "[the] archaic of view of the tortured, suffering artist must end immediately. There is nothing to aspire to in this illusion."

"It's hard to think of another industry that counters its abyssal lows with such prodigious highs: the mania of creativity and the accomplishment of great works of art, the unparalleled euphoria of successful live shows or festival slots, the powerful pull of collective experience and communication through music. These elements are vital to music culture, but we must find a way to pursue them while protecting the people responsible for their creation."

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