It must be simultaneously overwhelming and breath-taking to have a sold-out crowd of strangers sing your often-personal songs back at you, almost louder than you’re singing them yourself but this is what dodie is met with in Glasgow - as well as the quintessential local gig chant of “here we, here we, here we fuckin’ go”.

Following the release of new EP, Human, her setlist is a welcome mix of old and new tracks - from upbeat bops like “In The Middle” and “Would You Be So Kind” to slower, more emotional tracks “She” and “Sick of Losing Soulmates". Cheers before and after every song are deafening are in the best way possible, coming from a crowd doused in Dodie merch, rainbow Pride flags and bisexual flags. It's a strong signal that the audience find solace in her honest and heartfelt lyrics.

Straddling the categories of both YouTube star and bonafide musician, Dodie is renowned for being open about both her sexuality and mental health. At the end of “She” the stage is illuminated in the pink, purple and blue colours of the bisexual flag - and the young performer talks of how much things have changed since she was at school, when the word "lesbian" was an insult. She's an artist unashamedly open about her bisexuality and expressing it through her music - which means a lot to her fans in the crowd – both for representation and relatability.