With its mission to bring the greatest Gaelic sounds closer to home, it’s fitting that stood inside London’s Birthdays you can hear soft murmurs of the finest French gushing over the lineup. Rightly so.

Paris bunch, Keep Dancing Inc, as the name would suggest, serve up the type of fretwork you might find on an early Foals record against a bed of solid electro beats and chorus hooks that wouldn’t be amiss on a broody 80s Best Of.

Dream pop troupe Juniore are all A Bout De Souffle cool and ghoulish B52 keys made only more noir by the bass player purely decked out in a black reaper get up. The band confess they have the habit of asking people to play an active role in their set as they encourage London to “scream the kind of cry you never do”. Their set closes with crowd-sourced wails and a whole room of more than obliging cheerleaders.

Headliners La Féline are no stranger to flying the French flag at a bash, having previously performed alongside avant-pop pioneer Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier at l'Institut Francais back in 2017. Tonight, frontwoman Agnès Gayraud spins tales of fashionistas (or “hipsters”, as she teases the sea of polo necks and transparent rimmed glasses) and faraway kingdoms. “You live in one so it's not mysterious for you, but for us it still is!”.

Not so anymore. The drawbridge is very much open for this new wave of er, cold wave. And that’s an official order.

Oui Love's next show will take place in London on 16 May with M.I.L.K., Mnnqns and SuperParka. RSVP on Facebook / Get tickets.