Following the release of her debut solo single "Where The Rocks Are" in November 2021, Friedman has returned with a second outing titled "First To Love", which arrives with a Joshua Kilcoyne-directed video.

Friedman says of the new cut, "It is a humbling privilege to love someone in all their humanness and imperfection, to not only support but celebrate them through their journey of growth and exploration, to be by their side as they evolve into new versions of themselves. "Peel away / Keeping me up through the night / Escape / Be whatever you like" translates to: I will love even the deepest layers of who and what you are. A question I pose to myself is, what if this person were me?"

The Dirty Projectors and Coco musician started work on Under the New Light four years ago, and worked on the record with Tom Deis (Pineapple Room Studio), Peter Lalish, and Coco bandmate Dan Molad in a production role.


  1. Where The Rocks Are
  2. First To Love
  3. Happiness
  4. Under The New Light
  5. Elevate Us
  6. Sunny Room
  7. Raintime For Yohei
  8. All We Are (How To Last)
  9. Interlude
  10. A Sleep In The Garden
"First To Love" is out now. Maia Friedman's debut solo album Under The New Light will arrive 11 March via Last Gang Records, and is available to pre-order now.