The 23-year-old, Jamaican-born artist is following up already-aired track "Trickle" with "Does It Get Easier?", which debuted on BBC Radio 1 last night.

We Used To Bloom is produced with Steph Marziano and follows debut LP Elsewhere.

"'Does It Get Easier?' was probably the most rewarding song to finish for this album," explains Moore of the new single. "Lyrically this song means a lot to me; I am at times always my worst critic but I've realised how important it is to make peace with the 'not knowing' element of life and really focus on what makes me excited and how to nurture that excitement. That is what this song is about, there are things that will always be out of my control, and it's a beautiful thing!"

"I think I’m a better version of myself now that I’ve made this record," Moore adds of the album. "It would’ve been so much easier if I’d just done a really simple album. But there’s no point to me in making anything if you’re not trying to become a better version of yourself by the end of it."

Moore plays The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this month - she hits The Harbour Hotel's Marine Room on 18 May at 3:30pm.

Check out the album trailer below and the tracklist afterwards.


  1. Let It Happen
  2. Desolately Devoted
  3. Trickle
  4. Twilight
  5. Do They Care?
  6. Leave It Up To You
  7. Bring You Shame
  8. Does It Get Easier?
  9. Poor Person
  10. All The Way (ft. Kwabs)
We Used To Bloom is out 16 June via Because.