Last month, Grohl launched his Dave's True Stories Instagram account, a place where he can "pass the time [in isolation] by writing short stories that will make people smile. (I'm also a total fucking spaz who can't sit around doing nothing)."

So far, he's shared a dangerous fireworks story, and a detailed account of playing Ozzfest and meeting Pantera. Last night (6 April), Grohl decided to write about the time he met Prince.

He opens his story by revealing "This was not just another conversation in just another backstage room on just another Friday night... It was Prince. And he was asking me to jam."

Grohl adds, "It was a proposition that I had wished for my entire adult life, but never in my wildest dreams imagined possible. Jam. With. Prince. Absolutely unfathomable."

The Foo Fighters rocker goes on to explain that Prince had his number and Grohl was told that Prince would contact him. He reveals that he never charges his phone above 20%, but there was "no fucking way in hell I was gonna miss a call from Prince."

Grohl was then notified that Prince wanted to perform "Best Of You" at the Super Bowl Halftime show, and that he actually missed the broadcast as he thought it was something "too good to be true" until someone notified him that it happened.

He goes on to explain that he attended the same parenting group class as a man who worked with Prince, and after striking up a friendship over the musician, the man said to Grohl, "Prince thinks you guys should jam sometime."

Grohl adds that during Prince's 21-date residency at the LA Forum in Inglewood, Prince wanted to invite Grohl onstage to jam, but he was "fuuuuuuuucking hammered" and there was "NO WAY I was going to step onto Prince's stage in that state." After the show, they agreed to jam the following Friday.

On the night of their jam session, Grohl writes, "he appeared (this is no exaggeration, folks. I swear the dude moved like a Navy SEAL. He just...materialized)."

Prince asked Grohl to play drums, he writes, adding, "THANK GOD. These words washed over in a life saving wave of relief." As they were getting ready to jam, Grohl reveals that Prince "watched, inspecting me with a grin."

Grohl reveals that despite their monumental jam session, they planned to do it again the following Friday, but it never happened. He writes, "I never did make it back that next Friday. In a strange way, I didn't need to. I had fulfilled a life dream, with no evidence of it to share with anyone, other than a memory that will stay with me forever." Before wrapping up his story, Grohl recounts his reaction to his passing, "I sat in my car alone, crying, feeling both blessed to have shared these moments with him, and heartbroken that there would be no more."

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