The touching short film focuses on a wide range of seemingly unconnected people at various stages of life, totally abosorbed by fleeting moments as they pass by.

Speaking about the video and track, Mangan says:

"My great aunt Margie used to say, 'My memory is shot, but my forgetery is very sharp.' I had this amazing experience on mushrooms once. I was, for a moment, completely and utterly connected and at peace with the entire universe. There was no truth or falseness, there was only perception and the question of willing to accept perception, or to to deny it. Acceptance led to beauty and wonderment. Denial led to conflict and anger. And then, as quickly as the feeling came over me, it was gone. It’s a slippery fish. As soon as you’re aware of an honest moment, it slips away and we go back to our internal discussion ABOUT the moment. Complete unconsciousness is the same thing as total consciousness."

The track features on the band's 2015 LP Club Meds, which is available now through City Slang.

Watch "Forgetery" below. Mangan's upcoming festival shows can be found afterwards.


21 - AT Feldkirch - Poolbar Festival
22 - AT Sittersdorf - Acoustic Lakeside
23 - UK Sheffield - Tramlines Festival
24 - UK North Yorkshire - Deer Shed Festival
29 - DE Reutlingen - Burning Eagle Festival
30 - DE Dortmund - Juicy Beats