"A Real You" follows on from his first offering "Four Years" and the second, "Happiness Reigns", both taken from his upcoming album The Diet.

Flecked with kaleidoscopic rays of sunshine, "A Real You" is another snapshot into his joyful, melodic sound.

Cullen Omori explains, “a lot of the parts were scattered around in different songs during the New Misery sessions. The song has been incubated since 2014, and I’d always mess around with a version of the song at sound checks and during interludes in the live set. The song coalesced last year and it came together in a way where it’s familiar but also weird and new and I think that’s a philosophy I applied to the whole album."

Moving towards a modern twist on 70s-infused light rock, Cullen Omori's The Diet will span across 12 tracks, with "A Real You" featured as the closing song from the album.


  1. Four Years
  2. Borderline Friends
  3. All By Yourself
  4. Happiness Reigns
  5. Master Eyes
  6. Quiet Girl
  7. Black Rainbow
  8. Natural Woman
  9. Millennial Geishas
  10. Last Line
  11. Queen
  12. A Real You
"A Real You" is available now. Cullen Omori's sophomore album The Diet arrives on 17 August via Sub Pop. He's currently on tour in the US. Find out more.