Brazen Hussies is centres around the Australian women's liberation movement in the '60s and '70s, and will combine a mix of archive footage, personal photographs, memorabilia, and personal accounts from activists around Australia.

The soundtrack for the film is created by Courtney Barnett and Milk! Records artist Evelyn Ida Morris. The label, which was created by Barnett and Jen Cloher in 2012, posted a picture of the two artists working on the soundtrack in LA. The caption reads, "Here's composer Evelyn Ida Morris and co-writer Courtney Barnett recording together for Brazen Hussies in LA. More to come..."

Milk! Records also posted a link to a donation page for the film, which is directed by Catherine Dwyer. They're trying to raise $232,910 in total, and have nearly reached $100,000.

There's currently no indication as to when the film or soundtrack will be released. Visit to find out more and donate.