The track links up with "Over Everything" to preview the pair's first full-length collaboration. It comes with a new video using home footage featuring their homes, families, and friends.

"'Continental Breakfast' was made while spending time with Courtney and Kurt in Melbourne and Philadelphia," explains director Danny Cohen. "It’s an intimate home movie into their lives and the time spent with family and friends between recording/touring. Shot on 16mm, the mini-documentary captures honest moments that show the loving and playful nature of both Courtney and Kurt. It was such a treat to experience life with Courtney and Kurt in their natural habitats. It really left me feeling like part of the family and hopefully fans can feel that too."


  1. Over Everything
  2. Let It Go
  3. Fear Is Like A Forest
  4. Outta The Woodwork
  5. Continental Breakfast
  6. On Script
  7. Blue Cheese
  8. Peepin’ Tom
  9. Untogether
Lotta Sea Lice is out 13 October via Matador, Milk! Records, and Marathon Artists.