"Central Booking" is the opening track from Common Holly's second album, and is her first taster of new music since her 2017 debut LP Playing House.

Common Holly, aka Brigitte Naggar, says of her new record, "This record isn’t one singular statement, it documents a period of growth. The songs were written mainly over two years and they all reflect potent moments from that time. While it’s obviously personal and based off of my own experience, I want this album to feel familiar - life gets complicated as we grow, people form relationships to each other, they lose things, they discover pain, fear, self-delusion; sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s weird, often it sucks - and we have to navigate our way through all of that."


  1. Central Booking
  2. Joshua Snakes
  3. You Dance
  4. Measured
  5. Uuu
  6. Little Down
  7. I Try
  8. It’s Not Real
  9. Crazy OK
"Central Booking" is out now. Common Holly's second album When I say to you Black Lightning is due to land on 11 October via Dalliance Recordings / Solitaire Recordings, and is available to pre-order now.