Former Girls frontman Christopher Owens has spoken for the first time regarding the break-up of his previous band.

The San Fran musician announced he was leaving the group back in July, with little said until his solo record was revealed in late October.

But now speaking to The Fader, Owens has explained more about the split.

“The first week or so after , I pretty much only talked to JR (Girls’ bassist) and my family. I didn’t do any work. I reflected on what just happened. I’ve had people send me articles, ‘Christopher broke up Girls to go model,’ just ridiculous things. That’s ridiculous to me because I didn’t break up the band, for one, and people tell me, ‘I’m really sad about the band breaking up,’ like they expect me to not know what that’s like. Which is crazy, because I’m the person who’s the most sad about the band breaking up.”


He continued:

“It was my choice. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that it was something I did without reason. The band—conceptually, the band Girls—kind of never really came together. I added it up once and something like 21 people had played in Girls, over two albums and one EP. That’s extremely frustrating and doesn’t really show that there ever really was a band, in my mind. It’s not anybody’s fault; it’s just the way it worked out. The anticipation for live shows and for us to be a band was so big and went so fast that that was the only way that we could do it. We could never spend the time to make a band, and that was a bit of a mistake, in hindsight.”


Denying that there had been rifts within the band, Owens goes on to say he’s still on good terms with former bandmate JR.

“In a way, yes, he wanted to be in a band like I did with Girls, but in a way, I know what he really wanted was to be producing records, and he wasn’t really getting to, and now he is. JR’s good at what he does.” He adds, “I’ve never had a fight or a falling out with anyone I’ve played music with.”


You can read the full interview here. Lysandre is scheduled for release on 15 January 2013 via Fat Possum and Turnstile.