Speaking to Best Fit about the set, Calexico’s Joey Burns said, “It was fun, we had a good time. It went really well. For a band like this with so many instruments and channels for the technical side of things, we did really well. We’re just having a good time hanging out again, it’s been a while.”

Super Bock Super Rock is situated on the Praia do Meco, a beach and park just outside Lisbon. Talking about the site Burns said, “It’s amazing, y’know? These trees are providing a backdrop as well as shade and cover for those who are camping. I think it’s a dream.”

As well as tracks from the new record Years To Burn, Calexico and Iron & Wine covered Echo & the Bunnymen’s “Bring On The Dancing Horses”. Talking about their choice of songs Burns said, “Well, I think that for me and Sam, we have so many songs now that are old and new and we kinda just go with where we left off last. So we picked up from where we were in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and then we just built from there. And once we got to the site we decided we’d do this, and then when we were on stage towards the end we just called out songs.”

Years To Burn is out now via City Slang.

Super Bock Super Rock continues this evening with headliners Phoenix and Kaytranada.