Jones is best known as an actor that has starred in films such as Get Out, X Men: First Class, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Twin Peaks, and more.

Today he's shared his debut single "Flag Day / The Mother Stone", despite having started recording music at the age of 16.

His back catalogue spans around 700 songs, but it wasn't until Jones had a meeting with Jim Jarmusch that the idea of releasing music became more real.

Jones says, "I was a big fan of his work. Instead of wanting to talk, I thought I’d write him a piece that would somehow let him know who I was."

Jarmusch adds, "I had no idea what an astounding and unusual musician Caleb Landry Jones was until he gave me some of his music to listen to two years ago. Oh man, I don’t even know how to describe it! But I asked Caleb if we could get it to Caleb Braaten at Sacred Bones! And now, thanks to these two Calebs it’s being delivered to the world – a strange and beautiful gift."


  1. Flag Day / The Mother Stone
  2. You're So Wonderfull
  3. I Dig Your Dog
  4. Katya
  5. All I Am in You / The Big Worm
  6. No Where's Where Nothing's Died
  7. Licking The Days
  8. For The Longest Time
  9. The Hodge-Podge Porridge Poke
  10. I Want to Love You
  11. The Great I Am
  12. Lullabbey
  13. No Where's Where Nothing's Died (A Marvelous Pain)
  14. Thanks for Staying
  15. Little Planet Pig
"Flag Day / The Mother Stone" is out now. Caleb Landry Jones' debut album The Mother Stone lands via Sacred Bones on 1 May, and is available to pre-order now.