Danish trio Baby in Vain, who've already played with Thurston Moore and Ty Segall, will represent the louder side of music, with the band's Lola Hammerich, Benedicte Pierleoniand Andrea Thuesen offering scratchy post-punk noises, battering-ram beats and swaggering rock'n'roll vocals.

Jonas Alaska, already the proud owner of a Norwegian Grammy and three acclaimed albums, is a singer-songwriter that channel's '90s grunge-pop sensibilities and a glistening adolescent charm.

Perhaps lingering around the other side of the musical spectrum, The Deer Tracks offer lo-fi electro-dance sounds, twanged with big clubby synths and euphoric vox. 

The show will take place on 30 April at London's The Lexington, and will cost £7 in advance, or £5 for Ja Ja Ja members (to get a free membership, head here). You can now buy your tickets from here.

To get an idea of what to expect, check out some of the bands' tracks below.

Baby In Vain - "Corny #1"

Jonas Alaska - "Summer"

The Deer Tracks - "Lazarus"