There's nothing concrete, but mysterious messages have been appearing online, as has a brand new (and regularly-ish updated) Facebook, and earlier today, the band's guitarist Emma Anderson Tweeted:

Check out the new website and see what you think.

Since their split in 1998 following the death of drummer Chris Acland in 1996, Lush's members have been dabbling in a variety of projects: Anderson was in a band called Sing-Sing; guitarist/singer Miki Berenyi works/ed as a sub-editor, and bassist Phil King is a touring instrumentalist with The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Lush last released a studio album in 1996 - Lovelife. For a crash course in Lush, pop on over to 4AD's website or Wikipedia. A series of reflective interviews were recently printed/reprinted at Under The Radar.

Rekindle your love for Lush with the "Ladykillers" video below.