"100 Boyfriends" is the first new release from the Chinese-born, New York and Los Angeles-based artist since last month's "Kanpai" track, and features production from Dylan Brady of 100 gecs.

Gao says of the single, "I am a good girl who lived and struggled through different lives. Being dismissed and misunderstood is not nice; glad I am still here. In "100 Boyfriends" I am fantasizing being the ‘bad gal Alice.’ For those who lack empathy and intelligence in real life, they love to gaslight me cause they are insecure in themselves, so in this song I am presenting the next level ‘bad gal Alice’ they can never mess with. I understand why humans are greedy and selfish, even though I wish they were not like that. I care for them and I still pray for a peaceful mind for them everyday. I aspire to love and work for other people’s benefit, because my experience growing up was almost too painful, I used to think my life was not worth living but I don’t think like that anymore. My songs are the opposite of the real me and my real life, making them is my therapy."

The new single is also accompanied by news of Alice Longyu Gao's debut EP, titled High Dragon and Universe, which will feature recent singles "Kanpai" and "Underrated Popstar".

Gao adds of the EP title, "Gao means ‘high’ in Chinese, ‘Long’ means ‘dragon,’ and 'Yu' means ‘universe’. My real name is a boy’s name because Phoenix usually symbolizes female in Chinese fairy tales & Dragon usually only symbolizes male. My dad always wanted a boy & gender assessment in China was illegal before the child’s birth (because people tend to abort girls), so my dad made up this name before I was born, not knowing what gender I'd be. To his and my entire family’s disappointment, I turned out to be a girl. I used to hate this name but now I feel like having a dragon in my name gives me wings."


  1. 100 Boyfriends
  2. Underrated Popstar
  3. Bleeding in the Studio
  4. Never Coming Back
  5. Kanpai
  6. DTM
"100 Boyfriends" is out now. Alice Longyu Gao's debut EP High Dragon and Universe will arrive on 14 October.