"Born Free" arrives after September's "Sacred", which was her first single of the year after last year's "Devant Moi".

Alessi’s Ark says of the new single, "Writing "Born Free" felt like a diary entry at the time. It was a very difficult season for everyone I knew and loved. While my family and friends were immensely supportive, I felt overcome by fear and had let it take a tight firm grip on me. In December, faith found me in a deeper and more profound way than I could have ever hoped or envisioned. One year on from that season now feels like a lifetime. Life continues to astound me. When I listen to "Born Free" now, the lyrics feel like a premonition...sometimes we must prune back the rose tree of our life, to let some branches go and new ones grow, whether it’s relationships, dreams, beliefs, goals etc. We aren’t to know. Faith is a seed that needs time, dedication, love, hope, courage and attention, in equal measure."

The new single was recorded at a cabin in Eastbourne with Alessi's Ark guitarist Jason Santos.

She is yet to follow up her 2017 album Love Is The Currency.

Alessi's Ark's new single "Born Free" is out now via Babywoman Records.