Akala isn't like your everyday rapper. When speaking to him, it's like his brain is the size of a hot air balloon, apart from the fact there's no air, and just copious amounts of knowledge.

You only have to scroll as far as YouTube to realise his talent is profound.

The rapper is looking to make a difference in the world, to younger generations, and to open the connotations held towards rap in a more positive way.

Taking to Fabric's stage for World Meditation Day, Akala performed a special acoustic set with his live band to a sea of meditating people, sat cross-legged in awe of the soothing set.

After performing at London's Fabric, Akala had time to answer a few questions.

Best Fit: How did you and Will Williams (host for World Meditation Day) come to work on World Meditation Day together?

Akala: They contacted our office, and I thought it was a great idea. As you heard from the set tonight, I think that philosophy, or better, existentialism, is quite a common theme in my music, as well as mental health, or at least questions about life, which made this event fitting for me.

Best Fit: Do you meditate yourself?

Akala: I do yeah. Not as much as I should. Not on a daily basis or as much as I want to. At least a couple of times a week.

Best Fit: Do you think there’s room for a Fire In The Booth Pt. 5?

Akala: Yeah - next year.

Best Fit: Have you got any thoughts on the royal wedding?

Akala: None at all. Zero thoughts.

Best Fit: Do you feel like you are pushing your character of The Knowledge Seeker in your own life?

Akala: I think we all do. Some of us try to shut that off. If you watch any child, all children come into the world curious. All children come into the world wanting to seek knowledge and wanting to know. In society, parents, the world, whatever it is, that switch gets turned off. I suppose what great art does is turn that switch back on. What I was very lucky with was never losing my inner child. I feel people think I’m really serious, and that’s probably my own fault. I’m actually a big fucking kid. I think the only way you can constantly create art and maintain joy in the face of what the world is, is by being a big fucking kid. I think that’s the key. The knowledge seeker is about keeping that childlike thing inside you, that imagination, that daring to dream. When people tell you that you can’t do this, or can’t do that, you can tell them to go and fuck themselves. Anyone who actually knows me knows that I don’t spend most of my days whinging about politics. Maybe I need to stop doing that on Twitter more. I actually spend most of my days smiling and having a good time and joking because you need that, otherwise you’ll throw yourself off a bridge. I’m not even making light of suicide. When you’re lucky enough to do what you love everyday, you can’t beat it. That’s not to say it never gets stressful because it does, but I don’t roll around thinking ‘Oh my god i’m so busy today’. Only when sometimes I get mentally cluttered with too many things going on, but other than that i’m good.

Akala's new book Natives is out now. Read an extract on GQ.