"Clock Hands" is the first new A Blaze Of Feather track since Smith's 2017 self-titled debut LP.

Smith says of the new release, "During the recent writing and recording sessions I listened to Björk a lot. Her individual creative energies just strike me as phenomenal. Vulnicara in particular breaks my heart every listen. I keep Björk's work in mind whenever creating gets challenging. How open and fearless she is with feelings and emotions, unleashing vulnerability and strength through musicality. It gives me some comfort when I get scared of voicing some hidden part of myself through my own work."

"The realities of living in Cornwall at the end of the land informed a lot of these songs," adds Smith. "Mental health and a lack of hope or opportunity is a real issue for many here. It’s a strange contrasting experience to the 'picturesque as a postcard' front of tourism here. So my own experiences of that: losing close companions to suicide, addiction and depression. Living with grief and learning to deal with the challenges of those experiences."

A Blaze Of Feather's new single "Clock Hands" is out now.