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Goat Girl ride around credit Holly Whitaker

Goat Girl return with the brand new single, "motorway"

10 April 2024, 17:00 | Written by Tyler Damara Kelly

Goat Girl – Lottie Pendlebury (she/her), Rosy Jones (they/them) and Holly Mullineaux (she/her) – have shared the second track "motorway" taken from their forthcoming third album, Below the Waste.

“motorway was born out of a desire to write a song where the main focal point was the voice. In listening to lots of music where the vocal line commanded all the attention through unexpected turns and developing melodies, I knew I wanted to try something similar," explains Lottie Pendelbury.

"I sat with a simple sub bass line and experimented with letting the voice move however it wanted and recorded a video of myself to capture the moment. ‘Driving on the motorway’ were initially the only lyrics I had and would annoy everyone by repeatedly singing them. It became this really catchy riff that found its place as the track's opening line and of course, main theme. It conjured up feelings of being a kid in the backseat of a car, not knowing where you're heading but feeling content, or the fleeting moments you spend in new cities, and how the journey rather than destination sometimes feels like the main component."

The video for "motorway" was directed by world famous choreographer and director Holly Blakey who has worked with Florence & The machine, Harry Styles and Rosalia amongst others. The dancers are dressed in archival Vivienne Westwood pieces, styled by notable stylist Matthew Josephs.

“Goat Girl are some of the coolest and most inspiring people I’ve met recently and its been such a huge pleasure to realise this film with them! We wanted to make something that had a continual exasperation to it, rooted in fantasy, slightly broken and a playful reimagining of our ride on the Motorway," says Blakey. "The band spoke about these long drives they would go on as children or on tour and it reminded me of the times in my life when I’ve arrived at places, and also when I’ve left. I suppose in those moments I’m always observing, and when I do that, I find this curiosity into my own life. I guess I wanted to exploit the privacy we assume of our anonymous lives, our obsessions, our avoidance, our need for togetherness."

"motorway" is out now. Below The Waste is being released on Rough Trade Records on 7 June, and is available to pre-order now.

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