It isn't a coincidence that the song is named after the 10-year-old heroine of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Yoste (pronounced as in “lost”) wanted to create a feeling of childlike wonderment and being lost in a good way, and for his music to “feel the way Hayao Miyazaki films feel, hence the name “Chihiro,”" as Sines explains.

Yoste blends lush electronic textures to create wide-eyed, dreamy ambient pop on his commercial re-release of “Chihiro” through Akira Records (Rosie Carney, Henry Jamison, Henry Green).

“I wanted to keep it very simple, almost bare,” says Sines. “The structure is unconventional: there is a single melody, only two verses and no real chorus. I wanted the vocals to be almost childlike in their melody and sound, which largely stemmed from the ethereal nature of the instrumentation.

“Chihiro” is out now. Yoste's debut EP try to be okay is due 15 February via Akira Records. Find Yoste on Facebook